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US election race tightens in both the polls and betting markets

Thu, Nov 3, 4:06pm by Staff Writer


Polls and betting markets are tightening as the race to become the 45th President of the United States enters its last week, with Donald Trump attempting to capitalise on Hillary Clinton’s latest email scandal.

The news that the FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server to send, receive and store government emails has handed Donald Trump an unexpected boost ahead of next Tuesday.

The FBI has obtained a warrant to begin searching newly discovered emails belonging to one of Hillary Clinton’s top assistant’s Huma Abedin. Clinton’s use of emails is also once again in the spotlight.

The investigation will not be completed by election day however and it seems that Clinton will have to fight the final week of her campaign with more allegations hanging over her.

The fresh claims are ideal for Trump as the Republican Party nominee was shown to be as many as 14 points behind Clinton in some polls before this latest scandal.

Clinton has been ahead almost continuously in the Telegraph’s poll of polls, which takes an average of the last five polls published on RealClearPolitics. She still retains a lead, but this could change in the coming days with some polls now showing a far closer race.

Onto what we know best, the betting market and it has long been said of predicting sporting outcomes that the bookies are not far off the mark. They work out the probabilities with complicated mathematics based on the choices of their thousands of paying punters.

Following last year’s surprise Election result in the UK and the Brexit vote this year which were both incorrectly called by the pollsters, many political followers are turning their attention to the odds to predict Election results.

Hillary Clinton has been odds-on favourite since the end of February, but Trump has steadily caught her up as his Republican rivals dropped out. Last July he was a $25 shot with Sportsbet while Hillary was already at around $2.

Even as little as three weeks ago on the 11th of October, Clinton was at $1.20 with Sportsbet and Trump was at $5.

Sportsbet’s latest odds for the next US president:

Hillary Clinton: $1.40

Donald Trump: $3

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