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Trump charges into favouritsm for US Presidency

Wed, Nov 9, 2:03pm by Bren O'Brien

An extraordinary US Election night has seen Donald Trump assume favouritism for the US presidency, with the Republican candidate into $1.66, with Hillary Clinton now out to $2.56

Over $260 million has been traded on betting exchange Betfair, with Clinton trading as short as $1.08 only a few hours ago.

But an astonishing comeback from Trump, whose price touched $10 earlier on Wednesday, has seen him in pole position to become the next president, as he leads key battleground states such as Florida and North Carolina.

As of 2pm AEDT, CNN was predicting that Trump had captured 136 electoral votes to Clinton’s 104, with a target of 270 needed for victory.

Sportsbet, who had Clinton at $1.22 at the start of the day, now has the former first lady at $2.37 with Trump as clear favourite at $1.54.

The market fluctuations eerily mirror that of the Brexit vote in July, where Britons voted to exit the European Union despite pollsters and betting markets predicting otherwise.

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