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The Star group backs diversity plan to increase tourism share

Mon, Oct 3, 10:13am by Staff Writer

The Star Entertainment Group is chasing a bigger share of the Chinese tourist dollar and is pushing a diversity plan to double its Asian representation in top leadership roles to achieve it, according to boss Matt Bekier.

The Asian leadership target forms part of the company’s wider diversification and inclusion strategy, which Greg Hawkins, managing director of The Star’s flagship Sydney casino, said had been a key focus for the past few years.

He said the core focus on diversity was driven from the top down, with The Star’s board invested in the management’s strategic thinking in that area. About 45 per cent of the Sydney team are of an Asian background and a large proportion of the customer base is Asian.

The percentage of Asian team members is currently at 13.1 per cent up from 10 per cent less than 12 months ago. The target is 20 per cent. Mr Hawkins said “We have a lot of Asian team members at the frontline but not enough at the senior management and executive level.”

The push comes as the company increased its focus on capturing more of the Asian tourist dollar given Chinese visitors spent $8.9 billion in Australia in the year to June. That spend is broken down to an average of $8100 per visitor, of which The Star generally only gets about $150.

The Star currently has about 9000 team members across its NSW and Queensland businesses and has established four areas to drive its diversity and inclusion strategy, which included multicultural, gender, LGTBI and aged.

Around 70 languages are spoken at the Star’s Sydney resort. The Australian-listed company, also provides training for senior management to avoid unconscious bias in recruitment and training.

The president of international marketing at The Star group, John Chong said diversity in the workforce, when leveraged, gave the company diversity of thought in its decision-making. Asian customers have a significant impact on the Star’s business as tourism from Asia makes up a big percentage of overall revenue.

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