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Punter places $200,000 bet on Hillary Clinton

Wed, Aug 3, 3:58pm by Staff Writer

An Australian punter is extremely confident that Hillary Clinton will become the first female US President, wagering a total of $200,000 on the outcome of November’s election.

After a cliffhanger of a federal election in Australia recently, here Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal-National Coalition held on to majority government by just one seat, Australian political junkies have turned their attention to the battle for the White House.

Four separate wagers were placed during last week’s Democratic National Convention totalling $200,000, which are the largest bets to date in the Presidential race.

Should the former First Lady salute then the punter stands to win $95,000 through online bookmaker Sportsbet.

Largely thanks to the bets that were placed between $1.50 and $1.45, Clinton is now $1.36 favourite while Trump slid out to $3 from $2.70.

Those odds mirror those widely available throughout Europe, while Clinton is even shorter in the United States, where several sportsbooks have her at the equivalent of $1.30.

One of the main reasons for this large wager could be Donald Trump’s recent run of controversial comments.

He has been involved in a running spat with the family of a US soldier killed in Iraq, which has seen his campaign veer wildly off course.

His run of mistakes led CNN to label it ‘the worst three days of any presidential candidate in living memory.’

He also earned an implied rebuke from current President Obama for his attacks on the mother and father of Capt. Humayun Kahn.

Sportsbet is now offering $21 for Trump to be fired by his party before Election Day on the 8th of November.

Next US President

$1.36   Hillary Clinton (in from $1.45)

$3.00   Donald Trump  (out from $2.70)

Candidates to lose the Nomination

$21 Donald Trump to not be the GOP Candidate on November 8 2016

$34 Hillary Clinton to not be the Democratic Party Candidate on November 8 2016

Markets courtesy of Sportsbet

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