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Kassouf v Benger: Poker’s great spat. Whose side are you on?

Tue, Oct 25, 11:06am by Staff Writer

A huge verbal spat erupted between loudmouth Brit William Kassouf and Canadian Griffin Benger at a recent WSOP Main Event which has the poker world talking about the boundaries between fair play and abuse.

The argument, which took place in July, but was only recently broadcast on ESPN, has set poker tongues wagging throughout the world after the two feuded over a hand which had $27,800,000 in chips in the middle of the table.

Benger had called a raise to $5.6 million, and Kassouf, who hold pocket kings, began agitating knowing that Benger most likely had a better hand (he had pocket aces).

“Is this another cooler (an even bigger hand than a player’s own big hand)? If you’ve got it, you’ve got it. I don’t think I can pass here. What do you want me to do, do you want me to go all-in or fold? Talk to me. You don’t say anything, I might have to ship you. Play for the win, right? You doing the same?”

Benger finally bit back at Kassouf after being repeatedly baited by his rival

“You’re just an abusive person, man, it’s not funny. It’s not a game. You’re being abusive to me. It’s called verbal abuse. What you’re doing to me is verbal abuse. You’re a bully. It’s rude. It’s mean.”

Kassouf defended his action as ‘speechplay’. But Benger was on the attack.

“It’s not called speechplay, it’s called being a bad person. You should really check yourself. Check your privilege. Check your privilege. Check your privilege. Check your privilege. You’re a rude person.”

The exchanged continued until Kassouf looked over to the tournament director.

“He’s not your Dad. He’s not going to help you. No one is going to help you.”

Kassouf responded. “You don’t need to go on tilt. It’s called speech play.”

Benger continued to insist that Kassouf play the hand

“No one is going to help you, the bet is 5.6 million chips. That is what the bet is.”

“I understand that. I’m trying to get information from you,” Kassouf responded.

Eventually, the two squared off with their cards rather than their fists.

Kassouf: “You want to gamble? OK, I’m all-in.”

Benger: “I call.”

Kassouf’s $13.4 million all-in raise and Benger’s call took the pot (with blinds) to $27,800,000.

But Benger then seemed to lose his focus, willing Kassouf to get a king which would give him the hand.

“I want a king, I don’t care. I want a king, I don’t care. Put a king out there, I’m fine. My life is good. Screw this guy.”

Kassouf responded “King of hearts, watch.”

Benger: “Give it to him, doesn’t matter. He’s still miserable, I’m happy.”

Kassouf then got back to antagonising his opponent.

“You let it get to you. I got under your skin, man, I got under your skin. We’ve got fireworks now, let’s go, let’s go, the king’s coming,” he said.

No king was forthcoming, leaving Kassouf to leave the table with around 300k having finished 17th.

Benger now progresses to the November Nine and is assured of a minimum $1 million.

WATCH: The epic argument between William Kassouf and Griffin Benger

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