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Hillary Clinton now $1.20 to win US election

Tue, Oct 11, 10:03am by Staff Writer

Donald Trump’s extraordinary tumble in popularity has led Hillary Clinton firm into her shortest price yet to be the next US President.

Clinton is now $1.20 to win next month’s election after fending off another fierce attack from Trump during Monday’s second presidential debate.

That is the shortest price she has been this campaign, with Trump’s hopes of ascending to the top job seemingly ended by the release of the now infamous tapes where he makes a string of derogatory comments about women.

Trump attempted to resurrect his campaign by apologising for the comments and turning the heat on Clinton, and her husband, former US President Bill Clinton. He also threatened to jail his opponent should he win the election.

But while he made most of the noise during the second debate and Clinton didn’t land any substantial blows, it now appears nothing short of a miracle would see Trump elected on November 8.

He has drifted out to $5 with Sportsbet and there is even a chance he may be stripped of the Republican nomination.

There were strong rumours on Monday that vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence was set to withdraw from the ticket with Trump.

That has led to Pence being installed as $76 to be the next US President, while Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House, who withdrew his support for Trump, is $101.

A nominee has never been stripped of his nomination at this stage of a US election, but momentum is growing as past comments from Trump keep emerging.

John Thune, the third-ranking Republican in the Senate, has called for Trump to step aside.

“Donald Trump should withdraw and Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately,” he wrote.

But prominent conservative lawyer Jim Bopp told The Guardian it would be almost impossible for Trump to be removed from the ticket, particularly because some states had already opened early voting options.

“There is no authority in the RNC rules to remove a candidate for president or his vice-president,” Bopp said. “There is only the authority if a vacancy arose – then they have the authority to fill that vacancy.”

“There’s no viable alternative to a Trump candidacy for president.”

Next US President – Sportsbet

Hillary Clinton $1.20

Donald Trump $5.00

Mike Pence $76.00

Paul Ryan $101.00

Tim Kaine $151.00

Bernie Sanders $151.00

Joe Biden $201.00

Gary Johnson $201.00

John Kasich $476.00

Jill Stein $476.00

Michelle Obama $501.00

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