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Lebron James breaks into top ten on all time scoring list

Sat, Nov 5, 12:36pm by Jake Equid

LeBron James has achieved many things in his career, three NBA championships, three finals MVP’s and been named an All Star an incredible 12 times. Something that gets slightly overlooked however is his scoring ability. He is currently in his 14th NBA season, at age 31 and in Sunday’s AEDT win over Philadelphia he overtook Hakeem Olajuwon to break into the top 10 on the all-time scoring list.

Although he is still quite a ways behind the greatest scorer of points in NBA history, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron has an (albeit slim) chance at making a run to the top of the all-time scoring list. One thing that’s for certain is that he has the best chance of anyone at breaking the all-time scoring record since it was set by Kareem in 1989.

LeBron has scored 26,970 points in his NBA career but still trails Kareem by over 11,000 points. His 25 points on Sunday saw him pass Olajuwon but he is also on track to pass Elvin Hayes, and Moses Malone, and perhaps even Shaquille O’Neal this season which would put him at either 7th or 8th all-time after this season.

LeBron has the physical build of Karl Malone, the athletic ability of Michael Jordan, the durability of Kareem and the work ethic of Kobe Bryant. If he can keep his current level of production going for a few more years and stay injury free then he’ll have a shot at the record.

Here’s the list:

1       Kareem Abdul-Jabbar       38,387

2       Karl Malone                        36,928

3       Kobe Bryant                        33,643

4       Michael Jordan                  32,292

5       Wilt Chamberlain              31,419

6       Dirk Nowitzki                     29,527

7       Shaquille O’Neal                 28,596

8       Moses Malone                     27,409

9       Elvin Hayes                          27,313

10     LeBron James                      26,970

11     Hakeem Olajuwon               26,946

The Cavaliers are currently six wins from six and next up they host the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday at 11am AEDT. The Cavaliers are currently second favourite in Championship betting at $4 behind the Warriors who are $1.83. Golden State host the Pelicans at 2:30pm AEDT on Tuesday after losing to the Lakers by 20 points on Saturday.

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Detroit Pistons $101.00

Miami Heat $101.00

Charlotte Hornets $101.00

Washington Wizards $126.00

New Orleans Pelicans $126.00

Dallas Mavericks $126.00

Denver Nuggets $176.00

Milwaukee Bucks $176.00

Orlando Magic $176.00

Sacramento Kings $226.00

Los Angeles Lakers $251.00

Phoenix Suns $501.00

Philadelphia 76ers $501.00

Brooklyn Nets $501.00

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