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U.S. Presidential Betting: Clinton expected to “win fewer states”

Mon, Nov 7, 3:12pm by Staff Writer

There’s only 48 hours to go until the Election and Hillary Clinton is now expected to  “win fewer states” than rival Donald Trump, but still be crowned the 45th president of the United States.  The predictions come from one of the world’s biggest sports betting companies that takes some of the largest bets on political events. The Democratic nomination is in the midst of an FBI investigation and following further revelations about her email usage.

The race to the White House could well be going down to the wire. The polls have been moving around furiously over recent weeks which makes you wonder if the end result will turn the predictions on their head.

Sporting Index Group, who are a leading political betting company are indicating that Clinton’s Electoral College Votes prediction has shrunk by 37 to 290, which is the lowest prediction since the firm’s markets opened several months ago.

The last time the eventual winner of the election failed to win the popular vote was back in 2000. The Republican candidate and eventual winner was George W. Bush, who was the governor of Texas at the time. He defeated Al Gore, the incumbent vice-president.

Although that was the fourth time in US history it had happened, it was the first in over a century so it’s certainly not common place.

Ed Fulton, political trading spokesman for Sporting Index, said: “The race may have looked like a Hillary Clinton landslide and a shoo-in a fortnight ago, but two weeks is an eternity in politics. That said, it is narrowing by the day and although it looks like Clinton will ultimately cling on to a close victory, Trump is now within the margin of error in many national polls.”

Onto our betting markets and despite the latest figures which indicate that the Presidential race is as tight as it’s ever been the markets in Australia do not reflect that.

In fact, last week the betting odds were tighter than they are now. On Thursday, Sportsbet had Clinton at $1.40 and Trump at $3 but the latest odds with the online bookmaker have seen Clinton shorten into $1.20 and Trump ease out to $5.

Sportsbet Market:

Next President

Hillary Clinton $1.20

Donald Trump $5

Gary Johnson $326

Evan McMullin $501

Jill Stein $501

Popular Vote Winner

Hillary Clinton $1.17

Donald Trump $4.65

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