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Quaddie Kings – Caulfield Saturday

Fri, Jul 15, 8:55am by Wiz and Bandit

Quaddie KingsYou know how Darren Weir seems to get horses from another stable and turns them into superstars on a regular basis? You know how Hawthorn keep picking up duds from other clubs and they turn out to be three-time premiership players?

Well, here at, we’ve found a couple of gun racing tipsters, who label themselves the Quaddie Kings, hanging around in a back paddock and keen for a new home.

Every week, Bandit and Wiz debate the make-up of their Saturday Melbourne Quaddie as well as a variety of other of life’s big questions. The aim is to find you a big dividend. We welcome them to the AG stable with their look at Saturday’s Monash Stakes meeting at Caulfield.

Bandit: Yeah boy, welcome back son – I was worried about you following ‘the procedure’!

Wiz: Worried? Yeah, righto pal. And besides, plenty of blokes my age have that done.

Bandit: I’m even more worried about you now.

Wiz: Less worrying about me and more worrying about Saturday’s quaddie thanks.

Bandit: Sure thing, Wiz. While they’re rarely easy, this baby looks tricky at first with a fairly straightforward run home.

Wiz: So something like wide/wide/skinny/skinny?

Bandit: I think so, yeah. The first leg looks a bit of a minefield but I reckon between So Does He, Hard Call, Caprese, Fast Approaching, Camdus, Elite Tiger, I’m Ablaze, Mick’s Hustler and the emergency Scapa Cove, we’ve got it covered.

Wiz: You’d flippin’ hope so! That’s 9 in the first leg!? Anyhow, moving on to the second we’ll take Hosting, Duke of Brunswick, Lord Durante, Ulmann and Leica Day. Lock it in Eddie!

Bandit: Easy tiger, you forgot to chuck in the real Duke – Majestic Duke. He’s a huge shout!!

Wiz: Geez, I’ve missed your random no-hopers – killing percentages since the inception of the flexi-bet.

Bandit: We’ll see Wiz, we’ll see… Anyhow the third leg is where things get easy Fast ‘N’ Rocking one-out!

Wiz: Nope.. we’ve gotta throw in Wild Rain too please.

Bandit: Who’s killing the percentage now!? Wild Rain at WFA?

Wiz: Yep. Ollie has jumped off the superstar Lord of the Sky to ride her instead, so that’s good enough for me.

Bandit: That’s drawing a fairly long bow my friend! Not sure he “jumped off”, but ok, if you insist.

Wiz: Right-e-o, the last leg, now this is where we cut some corners! A one-act affair in Chiavari if ever I’ve seen one!! Catch ya next week Bandito! Wiz out.

Bandit: Hang on mate, hang on, she’s scratched, we need another one in there. My Sister Lil is Group 3 placed behind Azkadellia and is a four-time winner over the 1200m. She has to go in, surely?!

Wiz: Hmmm, good spot old son. She gets in with no weight and just needs to be somewhere near her best to rake care of this lot I reckon. We’ll chuck Kansas Sunflower in there too. ¬†Lock it away then??

Bandit: Yep, done. Here are our numbers, good luck.

First Leg: 1,3,5,8,9,10,11,12,17

Second Leg: 1,3,4,5,8,10

Third Leg: 1,13

Fourth Leg: 2,10

216 Combinations – $100 gets 46%

Take a Quaddie with Sportsbet or William Hill.

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